The Art of Endodontics

I've been asked numerous times.... if I ever tire of doing what appears to be the same thing day after day. Surprisingly to many, there are aspects of art and nature in endodontics that make each case different and because of this, I find endodontics a continual challenge and pleasure.  As with snowflakes, every root canal system is unique (see CT images below).  As with nature, our bodies--including our teeth--are a marvel of form and function.  And as with a sculpture, endodontic procedures require a high level of precision with an appreciation of the form and flow of nature. 


So while certainly not art, there are intricacies and subtleties of endodontic treatment that allow many of the same pleasures experienced from art and nature.  Endodontics can be a business of drill, fill, & bill or a profession of dedication to the art and science of endodontics.


John Carman DDS

3D CT images courtesy of Dr. Eric Herbranson