"ROOT CAUSE"  Saving your health or high tech snake oil to line the pockets of those with the secrets to your health?

A recent documentary "Root Cause" on Netflix and Amazon purports to show the life-threatening dangers of root canal treatment. When I first saw this "docvumentray", my firt reaction was that it was so idiotic and lacking in the most simple common sense, that it was not worth the time of even addressing. But as I've heard more talk about it I've decided to give my view of it.  My response is different based on two general goups of people.  The first group being those that think vaccinations casue autism, fluoride is poison and a plot, the moon landing was a hoax, 9/11 was a hoax, and amalgam fillings are the cause of most human illness.  To this group, my response is that you probably should not have root canal treatment and any scientific explanation as to why most of the claims in the movie are absurd will fall on deaf ears. There are a group of people for whom plots, conspiracies, and simple answers will always hold sway over science and explanations that require critical thinking. For this group of people, anecdotes, simple non scientific answers, and plots and conspiracies will always hold sway over science and critical thinking. For this group, don't bother reading further but jump over to Mercola.com where you will find multiple remedies for sale for whatever ails you.


My response is for two two other groups of people. One being those who are desparate for answers to medical conditions for which modern medical sciecne has incomplete answers.  For these people, the grasping for anything that may offer a solution to miserable health is understandable.  And it is primarily to this group of people the modern day purveyors of snake olil prey o


The second group being those  that may dopn't base their lives on consipracies theroiies and plots by the government to ruin your life.  Those that can appreciate science but know science has changed.  And that the medical industry has sometimes put profit before patients.  Those that wonder, could there something to this?


My response to the movie is for the second group.  The response that follows is based on 1) common sense, 2) the science or lack of science to suppor or refute the claims,  3) infromation about the people making the claims and 4) addressing the notioin that the medical and dental profession is partaking in a massive coverup to line our pockets.


Common Sense:


You don't need a scicne background to venture a judgement on certain claims of the film. Common sense should send up the red flags:


-implying a root canal on the left side of your mouth causes breast cancer of the left breast?  This should have been the first gigantic red flag to anyone--about the content of this movie.  There is zero evidence for this.  Not a single study.  There is as much correlation of being left handed to left side breast cance (i.e. zero) as to this just wildly idotic claim.


-the runner up for most idiotic feature of teh film was the magic metal "wand" that dipped toward the operator to confirm the problem with the movie's protagonist was "a dental problem". Can you possibly believe there is an instrument with a metal wand that will move if the health care provider asks the correct question about what ails you?  Would not every physician in the world have one or be trying to get their hands on one of these sooth saying devices?  Surely Every medical device manufacturer in the world would be making them with yearly new and improved medical versions  coming out yearly.and improving on their diagnostic ability.  


-can you take seriously a film maker who leads and ends with girls in bikinis and underwear in bed and talks about being ablt to "get it up"? The cheesey elements of the film were hard to fathom in a supposedly serious film about your health.


-numbing a tooth causes lower back pain to go away--it should take no science training to understand this idiocy of that claim. In case you may have wondered, there are no nerve connections or any other type of pathway connecting the mouth to your lower back.  It is as true as me saying that bnumbing your thumb will stop pain in your big toe.


-short of the supposed cardiologist and austrailian gentleman--who appeared healthy if wacky--did any of the "scientists" and dentists appear to have the appearance of health you would want to have? Wouldn't you think these health conscious people without any poisonous root canals would look a little healthier? Most of experts on root canals in this movie did not have the look of health I would wish on anyone.  Along those lines, would the number of Olympic athletes with root canals possibly point to a different conclusion about the effect of root canals on health? It would take a scientific study to actually confirm that, but common sense tells me that whatever lifestyle these people are living, is not conducive to health from an outward perspective.